Topic: embedding on a flash site

I'm having a problem embedding AutoViewer Pro Code on my website. I hope I'll explain well my problem.

I have a "master" flash document with 2 movie clips attached, left for the menu, right for the content. Since here, all ok.

From left side I call a swf to open on the right side using the same I use to call the other swf's used on the website:
on (release) {

The problem is that the movie doesn't load on the right viewer. It seems that it's loading on the master viewer, because when I click to see next photograph, the first photograph covers the menu also. I believe that there is something on AutoViewer code that is sending the content to the upper level possible... It could be?

I don't know how to solve it.

Another question is how to cancel the white border on the images. I prefer to use without it.

Thank you :(

Re: embedding on a flash site

I have solved the problem on loading the swf. Now the menu appears over autoviewer.

The stage size is 500x750, and the images are of 500x750 also. When the images loads, i appears on a shortest size on it's width, not proportional. The images make 500 of height and, more or less, 600 of width. The stage size is correct, the images are correct...

And I still having the question on how to disable the white border on the photographs. Thank you.