Topic: Lightbox and SimpleViewer

I would like to use the Lightbox script in conjunction with SimpleViewer.  To do this I intended on inserting the proper code into the caption portion.

<!&#91;CDATA&#91;<A href="gallery1/images/2.jpg" rel="lightbox&#91;runningnwater&#93;" target="_blank"> <U>Open image in new window</U></A>&#93;&#93;>

This of course doesn't work as I am attempting to call the script from within flash.  Does anyone know of a way to do this correctly?

My first thought is to use flashLightBoxInjector.  Google it.  It's the first listing that comes up (I can't post URLs on the forum yet..)

The problem with this is that I need to call the script from flash using an external call function.  How would I insert this call function?

Here is the code that would need to be inserted for every image I wanted to use with lightbox v2:

 import flash.external.*;
btnShowImage.onRelease = function&#40;&#41; &#123;;"myFlashLightBoxInjector.start", "roadTripImage2"&#41;;

Re: Lightbox and SimpleViewer

I was wondering the same thing, seems like every time I find a thread on this subject there is a deleted comment below and nobody has a solution. Please let me know if there is or isn't a way to do this. Thanks

Re: Lightbox and SimpleViewer

Lightbox functionality is not supported. Adding lightbox functionality requires modifying the SimpleViewer Source Code and adding some JavaScript to your HTML page. Please check the docs section 2.4: … tml#source

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.