Topic: SV not loading right on MySpace


I added the simpleviewer code to my MySpace but it's not loading like the sample.

Instead of the main image appearing above a horizontal line of thumbnails, the main image appears to the right of a 3x3 box of thumbnails.

Has anyone else seen this problem and know how to fix this? I'd post the code but the forum won't let me until I have 5 legitimate posts. If the code is needed I'll just make 5 posts in this thread and make the 5th one the code.

thanks in advance!

Re: SV not loading right on MySpace

im having the same problem..want it to load as it looks in the sample

Re: SV not loading right on MySpace

To move the thumbnails below the main image, in gallery.xml set:

navPosition="bottom" thumbnailColumns="5" thumbnailRows="1" 

Here's the XML options that are being used in the mySpace example: … allery.xml

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.