Topic: Dreamweaver importing SimpleViewer Gallery

Another question from a web-developing novice:

I am trying to create a very simple Home Page in Dreamweaver and link the SimpleViewer galleries created with free download version of SimpleView to buttons on Home Page titled: Editorial, Portraits, etc. This would seem straightforward but I don't even know how or where to drop the  7 files (gallery.xml, images, index.html,readme.txt, etc.) to make them configure and manifest as they open on my desktop. And after I do drag the files into the left tool bar on DreamWeave the gallery opens with a gray back-ground.

I thought that software would be to the point where we just drop and drag index.html into file tree and it would open.

Any help here would be great. Thank you.

Re: Dreamweaver importing SimpleViewer Gallery

I have the same problem...

Anyone who can help us with this???  :?