Topic: Multiple SimpleViewer Galleries in Joomla

I'm trying to use Simpleviewer to display my photos on my Joomla site. So far it works great. I just took the one gallery i have and put it into a wrapper. But I know I'll soon be having many galleries that i want users to be able to view.

So my question is, how can i create a page that lists each of my simpleviewer galleries within Joomla? I'd prefer to have the galleries listed with a preview image from each gallery as well as the gallery's title.

With my limited joomla knowledge im figuring that i'll have to wrap each individual gallery, so I just need to figure out how to work the page that navigates to each gallery.

I'd also like to have this type of navigation to be in a module i can place on the side of my pages for easier navigation to each gallery.

Only thing i've come up with so far is to make a gallery navigation page separately and wrapping that also. But if anyone has any more... professional ideas it would be much appreciated!

Thanks! :D