Topic: Displaying just existing photos


I´m using Tiltviewer Pro on my webpage with an XML Gallery.

Now I can set the rows and columns but when I have for example 4 columns and 4 Rows (which gives 16 photos) and just 15 photos in the gallery it shows me a grey square because of a missing photo.

Is it possible to get rid of this?


Re: Displaying just existing photos

I had the same issue and found out a workaround in the xml file. I had 3 columns with 3 rows as my default. On the bottom row I only had one image and wanted it centered. Here's what I added to the xml file before the descrition of the last image which I wanted centered.

                <photo imageurl="imgs/" >
            <title> </title>

I took out everything except for the "imgs/" and it left a blank spot and moved my image over to the centre. You can see the result here at: