Topic: IE for Win won't display "update Flash" message

I made a site for my sister using SimpleViewer with a header up top. Some of my sister's friends (and Browsershots) report that when using IE for Windows, they get nothing underneath the header.  As best as I can make out, it's a Flash version problem -- the people who can't see the galleries need to update their versions. However, they're ALSO not getting the message that tells them to update Flash. Neither one is showing up. Just black space.

I've been looking at this forever, and I don't know enough Flash/JavaScript to see what the problem is. Could a fresh pair of eyes look at this and tell me what's messing things up?

Here's a gallery page: pierrophoto [dot] com/wp_albums/Singles/album/index [dot] html

And here's the CSS: pierrophoto [dot] com/style [dot] css

(Please excuse the non-links, I'm not allowed to post URLs yet. I tried to post the code itself, but all the URLs in it kept me from posting here, too.)

Please help if you can! I'm really out of ideas for fixing this!

Re: IE for Win won't display "update Flash" message

The upgrade message appears here on IE7/Vista. Either you fixed it, or it's an IE 6 css problem. You would need to test your CSS changes in IE6 to fix the issue.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.