Topic: swf 's resize when used instead of jpg-images

Hi there,

I was happy to see mentioned that simpleviewer 1.7 can load swf's too next to jpg's.  I does work, however the swf's do not show at their real size.... Somehow they are descaled

I have done a simple test, using the simpleviewer strip example included in the download. I created a very simple swf movie, at exactly the same resolutionas the image that is included  in the example (480 x 360), pasted it in the images folder, and it does become visible, however downscaled...
Other examples I tried sometimes displace the swf out of its frame, whilst the other jpg images next to it sit exactly on their place...

If anybody would now the problem or solution, please let me know, as I have been trying all different options and parameters, both in xml as action script, but have up till now found no reason at all why this happens, or by what it is caused...

thanks !

Re: swf 's resize when used instead of jpg-images

I have a similar concern. I have simpleviewer 1.8, and when I try to display .swf files, the movies are transparent in the background and include parts of the flash file that are off the "stage". Also, sometimes the file is displayed far to the right in the browser window or is squished, stretched, or very small. The symptoms even switch around! Sometimes the same flash file will be squished one time when you click it, and then located far to the right and not squished the next time!

Is there any way to set parameters for .swf files? Like stage size or background color? Or is there a problem with the flash files themselves? Or something else entirely?

Any help would be appreciated!

Re: swf 's resize when used instead of jpg-images

When SimpleViewer loads a SWF, everything that is on the SWF's stage is counted as part of the SWF dimensions. SV will then resize down the SWF to fit the size of the image frame.

To fix this, edit the FLAs that are being loaded so that there are no bits off the edge of the stage.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: swf 's resize when used instead of jpg-images

Hello Felix,

Thanks a lot for your reply.
Would there possibly be a workaround for this ?
These days a cool effect (if used in the right way) is applying a very slight zoom or motion when displaying an image. When zooming in for example, the rest of the image naturally disappears off-stage. I had applied a mask hoping none of this would remain in the swf created, but that doesn't seem to help...

thanks !

by the way, I use simpleviewer pro
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Re: swf 's resize when used instead of jpg-images

Felix, what if I can NOT edit the FLAs? I only have the SWFs.
Is there any code I can use only for the line in which I call a SWF?
Like: "do not resize" or something like that?