Topic: Newbie needs HELP!

I am using Picasa to create my Simple Viewer gallery. When I save my file then go to link it to my web site, I see Images, thumbnails, flashobject, imagedata, index, readme, and viewer. I believe I should link to the viewer. When I preview my site, all looks fine. However, when I publish my site, I see no images. I have followed the instructions and cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I use Photoshop to edit my images so I'm not sure how to tell if they are "non-progressive"? What does this mean? Like I said, I am new and sure could use some help from a kind soul!

Re: Newbie needs HELP!

Well, if you edit the images in Photoshop, then make sure they are saved as "Baseline", which is non-progressive. Other than that, have you checked to make sure that your file extensions match? .jpg is different from .JPG when uploaded, but it will work fine when you are previewing it.

Check those, and if that doesn't help, you might try posting the url to the gallery so someone else can take a look at it. That usually works pretty well...

Re: Newbie needs HELP!

Another easily-made mistake is if you have uploaded a non-functioning version earlier to your site, and not cleared your cache when checking after uploading the correct version. Your computer would be calling up the cached (old) version instead of the updated (newer) version.