Topic: flickr problem

Hi there,
i have a problem showing some image from my flickr account.
flicker had an update during this weekend, and i don't know if the problem can be related to this issue.

I updated some pictures on my flickr account after the weekend's update, and i can't see these image with the tilt viewer. The only images that i'm able to see is the old.
Also if i check with the free demo web appz  with the tag
app/?user_id=13992986@N00 i can see only the old images.

does anyone has the same problem?
i check the privacy and other stuff on flickr and it's all right.
thanks :-D

Re: flickr problem

sorry. i got a answer from flicker. is a problem of the platform that sometimes you go to force the settings of your photos, going in the organizer and setting from the set a new status-->private than public.

Hope that's can help someone!