Topic: Some improvements

After having installed Tiltviewer Pro on my website and after having tried it for about one month, here are my comments about what might be changed/improved.

a) The image thickness should be set via parameter. Trying Tiltviewer with different resolutions, sometimes the big frame is not fine (IMO).

b) The flip function should be set via parameter. It may be useless

c) The navigation is not so clear for a visitor (use of the arrows to move from one big image to the next one and especially the space bar to go back to the set of thumbnails should be written in some way to help the visitor)

d)  Back-Forward arrows, mandatory (scheduled in the next release, Felix said)

e) The wonderful "full screen" mode is absolutely hidden to a normal visitor who doesn't know the tool (who can image that this feature can be accessed only by clicking on the right mouse ?)

f) It would be nice to set as background, a jpg image chosen by user,  rather than a simple background color or a predefined gradient gray background

g) It would be nice to have a simple tool to write the xml file automatically according to a set of images loaded in a subdirectory. Now I have to manually write it :-(

Hope it can help

Re: Some improvements

About the flip function :
It would be nice for visitors to write comments on the back side of the picture.

The full screen mode is available for everyone who want to right clic and save picture on their comp :p

Re: Some improvements


thanks for the useful feedback. I have incorporated some of your suggestions into TiltViewer v1.3.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.