Topic: Using XML To Load HTML In A Frame?

I absolutely love Simpleviewer but had a question. I want to have a page with 2 frames, one will have Simpleviewer. I was wondering is it possible via the XML file to include information that loads an html page in the 2nd frame on the page? If so, how?

Right now I have a link for each of my images in the description area, but I wanted to see if there was a way of just getting rid of that and have the info for each picture load in the 2nd frame when they click it in the gallery.


Re: Using XML To Load HTML In A Frame?

Why not just use iFrame? It's easier to use and browser friendly (well, most browsers anyway)

Also, I think you can add links easily in the image. I think you can add that in the info area.

Re: Using XML To Load HTML In A Frame?

Well I've had problems in the past using iFrames, but did a few searches and it seems most if not all browsers now handle them fine, so I will definitely consider it. So I just add the iframe data within the xml file for each listing?

Re: Using XML To Load HTML In A Frame?

Check dynamicdrive(dot)com and search iframes - or it should show up as a subfolder on the front page of the site.  Most people use Firefox or updated browsers so it's not an issue.  I use it on my site: darrellmankin(dot)org

You don't do anything with the Simpleviewer other than add your link inside the image caption (Read FAQ #14 on Simpleviewer).  Dynamicdrive will explain how to create iframe.  It's so easy -  you just create a page and insert the codes and call your simpleviewer gallery from there.

Let me  know how that works for you.