Topic: simpleviewer install fails!

From both DigiKam and kphotoalbum, I got the popup to point to the zip file library, pointed to it and got back a message that the installation failed.

when trying to then use simpleviewer export from a DigiKam album, the directory tree viewer comes up but when I click on a directory to select it the image count remains at 0. Generating the export creates an "empty" presentaiton. The structure is there but the images aren't.

I tried both 1.7 and 1.8 versions but not luck. I am NOT sure I properly cleared out 1.7 before trying 1.8 - I could not find anything about how to un-install simpleviewer export.

I also reloaded kipi-plugins (am on SUSE 10.3) with no change.

This looks very much like what I want - if it would work!

oh - I also launched DigiKam as root, let it get started and it too failed when installing the library.