Topic: Safari renders captions and titles in white

Regardless of the setting, Safari is rendering the caption and title as white.  No control will change this - not the XML or the AS files.  No matter what, Safari makes them white.  This is killin' me.

I understand that Safari is a small cross section of users, but I can't ignore them.  This portfolio is very important and even Safari users should be able to read the captions.  Any advise is very much appreciated.

P.S. - Felix, if you're reading this, SimpleViewer Pro is amazing.

Re: Safari renders captions and titles in white

Just found my problem.  So that the background of the SWF wouldn't have to be a solid color, I added this code to the embed:


Unfortunately, Safari makes the background and the text transparent.  Where all the other browsers only change the background.  As soon as I removed that code, viola - the text is back.  Oh well.

Could I perhaps edit the text color in the FLA and put the transparency back?

Re: Safari renders captions and titles in white

So you are saying in Safari when you set the swf to be transparent, the caption text is always white? That is odd.

Try updating your flash player, maybe this is a bug in the player that has been fixed.

Also you could load in a background image to SimpleViewer to achieve the same result as the transparency. Check the FAQ, Q19: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.