Topic: "No Flash" in Firefox 2

Very, very strange.

I have two computers. On one Firefox 1.5 is running, and everything is shown o.k. On the other one, Firefox is running, and for one special subpage I get the Message "No Flash detected" and the Gallery doesn't show up, WHEN UPLOADED!.

When checking the page in Firefox 2 on my computer in Dreamweaver, there seems to be no problem. Only when it's uploaded to the server. Safari has no problems with this page. And Firefox 1.5 doesn't either.

(I can't post the page, beacause I'm new to this forum, which is ridiculous, because how can anyone help me, when he cannot visit the page? Lets still try: www_brittamccay_de/the_advertisements/index_html)

Well, the funny thing is, that another subpage of mine is working just fine in Firefox 2 (uploaded) , and that it has almost the identical code!


Now, I just found out from other users, that they can see the subpage (...advertisement.index) perfectly, even with Firefox Others though, have the same problem as I have. So maybe this has to do with security updates to Firefox!?

So this is really an enigma!
What's wrong? Where's the clue?