Topic: Again: Browser Compatibility...

One page of the site I've just built wwwDOTbrittamccayDOTdeSLASHthe_advertisementsSLASHindexDOThtml does not show up correctly on some machines using FIREFOX 2. On others it does, (using the SAME browser and the SAME version) and I can't figure out why?

Another page of the site, one with almost the IDENTICAL code wwwDOTbrittamccayDOTdeSLASHthe_editorialsSLASHindexDOThtml shows up great in all browserversions.

And some people, using IE can't open the site at all. I understand, that this is a common problem with "Simpleviewer".

But, does anyone have a clue, what the problem in Firefox 2 with the above stated page could be?

Could some of the forum visitors do me a favor and visit the site and tell me, if they have problems, and if so, which browser (version) they are using.

Thank you.


Re: Again: Browser Compatibility...


2., I found out, that the site works perfect in IE all versions.

2., I dechecked the "Adcheck" Option in the right upperhand corner of the Firefox Browser Window. This seems to have blocked the Javascript application for an unknown reason.

So, now everything is fine.