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Hi there,

I have problem with my accents in the text. I'm writing french in the captions but the words aren't well shown on my website. Some lettres fall out. How come?

I'm using folowing accents: é, à, è, û, ê etc.

Can somebody help me,

thanking you in advance !


Re: accents in caption in xml

check the FAQ, Q6: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: accents in caption in xml

thx for your quick reply.

Sorry, I didn't notice it in the FAQ though I checked the FAQ's.

truly sorry :-)


Re: accents in caption in xml

I have the same problem even if i follow the Faq 6 which says :

6: Non-English characters are not showing in the captions. Why?
To allow non-English characters to show, you must save your XML document with 'UTF-8' encoding (in Windows Notepad you can set this is the 'Save As' dialog). Check the documentation for your text editor.

I have tried with UTF-8 or iso-8859-1 and it still doesn't work for the  accented character : é, à, è, û, ê.

Is there a solution?
Yves did it worked for you ?
Is there a special trick with the brand new version with html caption format ?

thank you ,

Re: accents in caption in xml

It worked out by saving it as UTF-8. I have no further problems.

Good luck to you,


Re: accents in caption in xml

Hello there. I am a new customer.

I have the same exact problem.
I saved my xml with utf-8 with notepad and still cannot see my accents á é í ó ú. I have my site stored on an ftp account, and if i download the xml and edt it i can see the accents are there, but can never see them in my captions.

Are we missing out on something else?

please help.

thank you.