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I'm using v 1.7 Pro and I followed the instructions to copy the viewer.swf in Lightroom 1.3. Once I did that it freezes up at "loading xml data".

Do I need v 1.8?

Re: Lightroom problems

Do I need v 1.8?

yes. v1.7 doesnt work with lightroom.

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Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Lightroom problems

The integration with Lightroom is amazing, BUT there is one draw-bag with the included generator. there is no option to adjust the QUALITY of the thumbnails and although SW uses 65x65 pix, Lightroom generates them by default 100x100.

It's possible to manually adjust the 100px to 65px, but it doesn't work the same way, Lightroom will always keep the original aspect ratio.

That wouldn't hurt so much, if the quality could be adjusted. The thumbnails generated by LR are about 20KB each, compared to the ones generated by the BUILDGALLERY.PHP script - about 4KB

That's 4x as BIG !!!

This can significantly slow down the site with loading extensive galleries. What can be done with this?


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