Topic: can't upload pre-existing galleries


I have built a new website for a client, which is primarily a place to show off his portfolio.  I built simple viewer galleries, and now I am trying to import them to be compatible with a simple viewer manager so that the client can manage his portfolio images himself.  Unfortunately, it wont let me do so.  It gives me the result of "Notice: no import – could not copy preferences.txt."   My impression was that svManager was supposed to create the preferences.txt file automatically. 

So what I did was simply copy the preferences.txt file from the example gallery to these folders, and then try to import them.  However, that I get an error message of "Notice: Undefined index: value" for each of the images in the gallery.

The URL for the draft website is  I haven't changed the default username or password for svManager, so whoever wants to look at this can feel free to.

What am I doing wrong here?

Re: can't upload pre-existing galleries

It seems as if these galleries are listed under the Galleries section, but when I tried to make changes like uploading and adding an image, I got a message of "error occurred."

When I clicked "rebuild" under the gallery section, it seemed to do away with the error messages. 

On another note, I figured out to give my galleries titles within svManager but not so that they show up on the actual website.  It's as simple as giving them a title within the user interface of svManager, and then going back into the gallery.xml file and changin [title = "myTitle"] to [title = ""].  Just thought I would let people know they are curious about that and couldn't figure it out.

Re: can't upload pre-existing galleries

It looks like the file svmanager/svmaster/preferences.txt is missing or corrupted. If so, you can copy svmanager/samplegallery/preferences.txt into the svmaster folder. You should then be able to import.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.