Topic: Lightroom 1.3 - download link still visible

1) I installed the viewer.swf in the lightroom template directory, this is from Simpleviewer Pro version 1.8 release which I just purchased.

However. In lightroom, and in any exported galleries, the download link is still visible.

I've restarted lightroom several times, copied the viewer.swf a couple of times and made sure that the date on the viewer.swf file in the lightroom directory matches the date an size of the 1.8 version...

still no joy.  Is there anything else I can try?

2) I would like to customise the viewer using Flash, I had the idea of simply copying the whole Lightroom template directory to create my own version, and dropping my own viewer.swf into it. However, in Lightroom, I can't see this template option in the available list. Is there some config file which needs to be edited so that my new template subdirectory becomes visible, is it in one of the xml files?

Re: Lightroom 1.3 - download link still visible

When you replace the swf in the template folder, this will only affect NEW galleries. For existing galleries you will need to find the gallery folder and replace the 'viewer.swf' in it.

If that's not it, check you copied the pro swf into the correct folder. The folder path is here, section 4.2: … ml#upgrade

Also, make sure you clear your browser cache.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Lightroom 1.3 - download link still visible

OK... I'd copied in all my old preferences into my folder

C:Documents and SettingsMyLoginlApplication DataAdobeLightroom

including the older versions of SimpleViewer etc. These evidently took precedence over the LR 1.3 installation in the directory you mentioned in your docs.

So my fault for copying too much over from my previous installation.

I look forward to adapting this to my website in the next day or so.  Thanks