Topic: Lightroom - Title missing

I'm beginning to tear my hair out here.

After I installed the pro viewer I couldnt see the title any more (should be above the icons right?)

So I've done the following

1) Uninstalled Lightroom

2) Reinstalled it

3) Deleted all my preference settings

4) Restarted it

5) Created a new catalog

6) Imported images into it

... And I still can't see the site title.

This is with the built in version of SimpleViewer, I haven't installed the updated viewer file yet.

When I look at the generated gallery.xml file (following export) the title attribute is an empty string ""

Re: Lightroom - Title missing


I think there may be a bug causing my problem. I've altered the first parameter in xmlTransformer.xslt to reference the correct attribute containing the site title.

The correct parameter should be...

<xsl:param name="siteTitle" select="/photoCollection/display/metadata/siteTitle/@value"/>

This seems to correspond correctly to the model defined in galleryMaker.xml

<mx:Model id="metadata">
                 <!-- "$$$/WPG/Templates/BlueFire/SiteTitle=Site Title" -->
                <value>$$$/WPG/Templates/BlueFire/SiteTitle=Site Title</value>

I'd appreciate any links to documentation on how all of this works as its rather tedious to reverse engineer everything.

I tried to locate a reference to the mx: namespace but googling didn't turn up anything useful.