Topic: Captions work locally but not online

When I publish my movie from Flash locally, the captions show up fine, but when uploaded and viewed online, they are missing.
I have checked the AS option ( and the caption tags in the XML - both appear to be fine.

    static var showCaptions:Boolean = true; //Sets whether to show Image Captions   
    static var showTitle:Boolean = false; //Sets whether to show Image Captions

    <caption>"Gli Astri" 3D Render [slideshow]</caption>   

Any ideas as to why this could be happening? Thanks.

Re: Captions work locally but not online

OK I have narrowed the problem down to TEXT COLOUR...

Although my caption text is set to 0x628bc3 (blue) in the .AS file and the XML file, they are showing up WHITE (and the background is white, hence I thought they were not there at all).

Again, when tested locally the text colour is correct.

Also - the thumbnail frame colour and all other elements (which are also 0x628bc3 show up CORRECTLY both online and locally)

Any ideas?