Topic: Blank Problem? This might be your answer!

Hi guys,

I've noticed that some people are having problem after they upload the files to the server.  It works locally right?  but on webhost.. it doesnt?  I found out why.  After searching entire for an answer to my pondering, and I couldnt find anything that would help me out.

My eyes aches from staring at the screen for a long period and I realized that I should check to see if the pictures in imgs folder are ok and I found out that my FTP program messed up the transfer and that's why it didnt work.  So, therefore....I had to go through my webhost's control panel and upload the files by using web based instead of FTP program.  After i uploaded the entire files of tileviewer and it worked. 

So here's your answer if you have been having problem with blank page right after uploading to your server from local.

Hope this helps!  Try use different FTP program or your webhost's web-based FTP


Re: Blank Problem? This might be your answer!

Thank you very much for the info