Topic: Simple Viewer Pro - Thumbnails?


Recently bought SVP, very pleased with it, I now have a few questions (and I have looked around the forum but can't find all the answers to what I'm looking for!) So here goes:

Created a gallery in Lightroom (1.3) looks good, exported it, tweaked some of the actionscript (first time) and XML, got it on a web page. Everything fine!

Client now wants some changes!
I need the main image to appear on rollover of the respective thumbnail and then on clicking the thumbnail it takes the user to the relevant page on the site.

I'm pretty sure this is achievable but not entirely sure how to do it.
If anyone has done something similar and can give me a point by point rundown I would be very grateful, please remember this is the first time I've looked at actionscript, not daunted by it, just need a little help. Thanks.