Topic: ImageArea adding "Watermark"

I've customised the actionscript to overlay a text watermark on my images, so far so good, I have a watermark overlaid on the image, but there is a wrinkle I can't quite get ironed out. 

Here is what I did.

I created a movieclip symbol similar to caption to hold my text, I use dynamic text and a named instance. As with the caption.

I decided that this clip should be attached to the ImageArea, on top of the Image instance.

I created a method for ImageArea to populate the watermark movieclip with my text and to size it with the size of the just-loaded image.

Then in the Image object I added a call to that method in onLoadInit()

Essentially, I don't want to set the text of my object until the image is fully loaded, but no matter where I place the call in the lifecycle of either the Image, or the ImageArea I can't stop this initial presentation of the text in the incorrect position on the ImageArea.

I suspect that my overall reasoning is correct, but there might be something flash-y that I'm not understanding about how my text clip is instantiated.

Any thoughts welcome, though I recognise that this is a complex post so its asking a bit much for advice on this.  In return I'm happy to post a listing of my changes for anyone who wants to reuse this approach.