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is it possible with Autoviewer pro to link from the captions?

I desperately need a link to appear based on whatever image autoviewer is displaying, can anyone think of ANY method that might work?

any help greatly appreciated.


Re: Caption Links

shuld b possible as u can with the non pro version.... i cant get it 2 work either tho... can anyone help??


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To add a link to your captions, check the FAQ, Q8: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Caption Links

yes i have done that...
i even just copied this one and changed the text for my text.. it just isnt working for me  :cry:
thats the strange thing.. cos within the CDATA data you can use html normally right??

Its only working on the fist image.. and not on the rest of them.

I dont get why its not working... :rolleyes:

Re: Caption Links

here is an example:
  <caption><![CDATA[<font size="20">Please click "<u>
<a href="projects.html">PROJECTS</a></u>"
on the
<br>main menu to continue viewing  projects. </font>
]]> </caption>

what am i doing wrong????