Topic: more than one gallery

Hi everyone... I feel totally lame as I can't seem to figure this out.  I finally was able to get a gallery uploaded on a trial page on my site. (thanks Felix for the help)  So, I've gone into my ftp space and deleted all the files associated with that gallery so that I can upload the other gallery that I want to actually be viewable on my site.  However, every time I upload it, it goes back to the original gallery.  Also, can anyone help me with how to have several galleries on one site?  I'm wanting four or five.  They will each be their own page, but not sure how to get all the files where they need to be. 

All help is appreciated!!


Re: more than one gallery

Are you clearing your browser cache?

For multiple galleries, please check the FAQ, Q16: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: more than one gallery

Yes, I've cleared the cache on the history, but to no avail.  I still end up with the test gallery.  I still can't figure out how to get the updated gallery to view.  I've tried just uploading the individual files, but still doesn't work.