Topic: again please I need help! Can't make it work with my photos!

First Tahnsk for the great job and much more to share it with all of us! Feel free to ask me for images (I do make then using 3D application so...)
Now all my sorrows....
:x  :x  :x  :x  :x  :x  :x  :x  :x  :x  :x  :x  :x  :x

Spend 2 hours doing it!
nothing shows from what I made. Just another set of pictures.
Using correct id, using correct key all set in Flick but is not ok
I'm new to xml and flash I can use as much as changing some things in a ready functional one..not much sophisticated than that.
So it was a huge effort for me to undestand and make the changes and worst is that yahoo site..nothng goes right there. Can I use photos from my folder and set all in dreamwear? do I need a script? ( I made the changes in the 'index.html' in Dreamweaver is it why does not shows right?)
Thanks for helping me.

Re: again please I need help! Can't make it work with my photos!

Can you post the code you are using on the Index page? 

Look at these two lines especially:

fo.addVariable("tags", "jump,smile");
fo.addVariable("tag_mode", "all");

They should either be removed, or changed to your tags or commented out.

Re: again please I need help! Can't make it work with my photos!

Hi pal, I love your flash ideas!
Looks all neat and super nice.

Could you PLEASE Help me here? Since 11o'clock I'm working on its 17 o'clock.

Can't find out WHERE is the error...checked dozen times...all looks perfect: XML, index.html and 'imgs'.

I can see others photos..but not mine! (when enable 'flickr')

XML option:
Mine are in the folder you have as imgs.
I edit the XML file as 'imgs/name of the photo' One by one..checked in Dreamweaver, IE and Firefox. No errors.

Using the option XML in the index page.
Erased the others options, took away the '//' in front of XML lines.

Upload all to my server, now 'you need the flash..bla bla '

I do have the latest! Using XP all updates etc..codecs etc..
When I had enable the 'flickr' option it did show me others photos, not mine! I did put my ID in the right line.

Sincerely appreciated your helping hand here; its a present for my friend, I'm showing all hers (about 430) latest photos when she's completing 59 years old.


First check here to determine the version of Flash you have installed. If you have Flash 9.0.28 or higher installed and you still see the message, check javascript is not disabled in your browser settings. Also, check the 'swfobject.js' file is in your tiltviewer gallery folder.

All that is perfecting ok, checked !
thanks Very Happy Very Happy Shocked