Topic: Image size - free tilt


conserning your free version at this point.

you state in your instructions to state largest image size w or h in the .xml

however i noticed no change in the image size once selected and it is brought forward for viewing.

i've tested image sizes 800 900 1280 3500 (max w/h sizes)

is it normal that no matter the max image size it appears the same size on the screen once selected or should the image be seen actual image size.
ie if the image is 900px then it would be seen when selected at actulal image size of  900 pix once selcted. any smaller image would be seen at it's actual image size once selcted.

same for max pixel size of 1200  or what have you

as mentioned - i see no change in the image size no matter what max image size is input into the xml file.

am i not understanding the use of stating the max image size in the xml for the tilt viewer?


btw - nice image viewer either way

oh and 3500 pix size tends to crash it over 4 images per page

Re: Image size - free tilt

The maxJPGSize option is used to determine image spacing when the camera is zoomed out. Increase this if your images overlap.

3500 pix size tends to crash it over 4 images per page

Yes. Very large images will cause the Flash player to crap out.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.