Topic: Problem with explorer

Hello... i have a problem with my page that use simpleviewer.

but first of all sorry about my english, i will write some mistakes...

ok! i did a connection and an administration in PHP that open the same viewer.swf (for showing the gallery) and it open for each account a different xml document

the probleme is that firefox is working fine and that explorer is'nt. on explorer my swf opened itself but says "gallery not found"

when trying to open a simple simpleviewer without all my php on explorer there is no problem.

WHY?  :cry:

explorer can't read the xml but in my code there is no reason i think because the viewer itself is loaded...
but on the other side it must be my code!?

In a simple simpleviewer , without my php, even when i let the php between the "<script type="text/javascript"></script>" to target my xml document, it works...

maybe it is the session that i opened? or because i am creating again on each pages the xml document before i am targetting it? a css problem?

i am searching, testing, but i dont know... and explorer is an important browser  :cry:

do you have an idea?

Re: Problem with explorer

ok i fix it... i declare two times the script who makes the viewer.swf appear... now it works  :rolleyes: