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Is is possible to generate the data of gallerydata.xml on the fly and then assign it to a Flash variable, instead of each time writing the data to disk in order to be read in by the viewer.swf?

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Since no one's answering, I'm going to step in with my self-taught expertise (ha!). You probably need to be more specific about what you're trying to do, but I think the short answer is yes.  :)  You can alter the gallerydata.xml anyway you want, and create/delete new images w captions and just update the images folder accordingly.

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Yes, I know all that, and for the moment that's exactly what I have been doing. What I want to avoid is that I have to write these xml files to disk. I would prefer to address the swf file directly (or if necessary with a temporary file written to disk). But since I am not knowledgable in Flash I may be mistaken in this desire. Maybe this is not possible in Flash…

I am working on an application where I want to give users the possibility to post their slideshows (using autoviewer pro). I have no desire ending up with a multitude of xml files on disk. I rather stuff that information in a database.

The issue is even  more complicated since I am dealing with a multilingual website (which means several xml files for each slideshow), plus a number of different types of slideshows, (and yet some other issues).

This also makes sense in terms of sustainability as the application may change in the future. (Just think of the update of a couple of days ago which expands the configuration options - thank you felix!  :D )

Re: Generate XML on the fly

You can have autoviewer read a dynamically generated XML file. Use the 'xmlURL' HTML option to point to a serverside script. … tions.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.