Topic: Editing 'options' in AVPro

I have gone to 'options' in actionscript to edit details. i have changed what i wanted and nothing seems to change when i save the .as file. does this not automatically change the 'flash movie file'? do i not jujst have to move this file to the folder i want it to work in,  as i have edited it??
//captions options
    static var showCaptions:Boolean = true; //Sets whether to show Image Captions
    static var showImageNumbers:Boolean = false; //Sets whether to show Image Numbers

i set the 'show image numbers to false, i assume this means i do NOT want a counter to show on my autoviewer gallery, yes?

in the actionscript, it also has this option:
//autoplay options
    static var playAtStart:Boolean = true; //Sets whether to automatically start playing
    static var loopAutoplay:Boolean = true ; //Sets whether to loop to first image after showing last image

with this .. shouldn't my slideshow automatically start, without hitting the play button??  please inform me as to what i am doing wrong and  perhaps i am moving the wrong file to my project?

please respond ASAP

Re: Editing 'options' in AVPro

After you edit the file, you need to republish the swf. Please check the documentation.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Editing 'options' in AVPro

thanks felix ... its all good. you da man  :-)