Topic: Offset images ... not always but just sometimes

Not sure if this has been answered ... couldn't find any on this forum.

Sometimes when my galleries load, the INITIAL image is offset.  It appears that the image is having its TOP LEFT CORNER referenced as its registration point, instead of its CENTRE - meaning that the TL of the image sits on the registration point of the image display zone.

It is ALWAYS offset in this manner when the bug occurs. 

HOWEVER, it does not always offset.  It seems to occur most often when first viewing the gallery, but not always.  And on different computers it is just as inconsistent.
(A sample site is Thongco and go to either of the galleries.)

Like I said it doesn't ALWAYS happen, but does just enough to be annoying.

Is there any way to isolate and fix this bug ??

I am using v1.7.1, purchased the source code and have had a ball modifying stuff.  Once I understood how Felix had written it, I managed to find all sorts of work-arounds to get it to do what I wanted.
(I have several galleries, all listed under one folder with independent xml files working fine.  It took a little work to find the xml url reference!)