Topic: Adjusting space between Arrows

First, thanks for putting 'pro' out, So happy I can customize!

If you visit my site atreidex (dot) com, click portfolio, you'll see that I'm using single column thumbnails, however the width between the nav arrows is huge, and thus the back arrow is a stump.

Can I adjust the distance in a variable, or do I have to edit in flash or use x-y coordinates?  (I know I can move elements in 'fixed position' mode, but to figure out where to move everything seems like a huge task, when I'm already happy with everything but that arrow!!)

Thanks so much!

Re: Adjusting space between Arrows

The easiest way to move the nav arrows is to use the fixed layout variables. Otherwise you will need to go into the source code and modify it by hand.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Adjusting space between Arrows

Actually that was super easy once I figured out where to look...

***  To any future SV pro users w/ the same prob, open the file -


with a text editor.  1/3 of the way down it will have -


            //position thumb nav buttons
            if (Options.fixedLayout){           
                var thumbDim = Thumb.thumbWidth + Thumb.padding;
                if (mRows == 1){
                    mBackBtn.setPosn(- thumbDim,0);
                    mNextBtn.setPosn(mWidth - Thumb.padding/2,0);               
                }else if (mColumns == 1){
                    mBackBtn.setPosn(- thumbDim/2,mHeight);
                    mNextBtn.setPosn(mWidth - thumbDim/2,mHeight);                   
                    mNextBtn.setPosn(mWidth - thumbDim,mHeight);


change the value in  - mBackBtn.setPosn(- thumbDim/2,mHeight) -  to a higher value to close the gap.   

ie -

mBackBtn.setPosn(- thumbDim/4,mHeight)