Topic: How do I align images with the top of the frame?

How can I get all my images to just align with the top of the frame, maybe with a 20 px margin? Is there some way to have a 'fixed layout' like in Simpleviewer?

I've been trying to figure this one out on my own for a while, but unfortunately I just don't have the Flash coding terms under my belt.

I've tried shrinking images but with my (relatively longer) captions at the bottom of the screen, there's a broad band of useless space above all my images.

There are answers here for aligning to the left and to the bottom, but nothing for top-alignment:
airtightinteractive [dot] com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=201

Thanks for any insights or suggestions.

Re: How do I align images with the top of the frame?

Felix -

I want to thank you for putting in me in a position where I *have* to teach myself flash, albeit somewhat blindly, like a carpenter without thumbs. But hey, it's coming together. :lol:

To align vertically, change this in Stagemanager:

//center jpg vertically

to this -

//center jpg vertically       
            xpos +=    aImages[i].width + mXMLManager.imagePadding; 

Another trick to give your image a top margin is to give your image a slight frame that is the same color as your bkgd.


Re: How do I align images with the top of the frame?

That sounded ungrateful. I think Autoviewer is a terrific program! I just don't think most ppl have as much time as I do to put into customizing things.