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I have selected some images in Picasa, but when I go to the "select a web template" page simpleviewer does not appear. I have extracted it to program files along with picasa 2 and can't understand what's wrong. Can somebody please offer some advice?


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I tried this as well.  The template appeared in Picasa for me, but only appeared as the text of an .xml file and did not output correctly.

I think the problem may be the template and instructions were created to work for Picasa 1 and it is now updated to Picasa 2.

I'd suggest trying Porta if you are okay with your galleries being created with a "Created by Porta" footnote, or just manually create galleries by editing the gallery.xml file.

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The Picasa SimpleViewer Template works with Picasa 2. Note that the picasa template is a different download to the regular SV download. Check here for instructions: … tml#picasa

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Picasa template

My mistake, I tried it again and it works fine.

One note: depending on your Picasa version the instructions on the SimpleViewer site may not be quite right. They read "select album->create HTML page" however this option is nowhere to be found in the version I downloaded.  Instead I had to go to the Folder drop down menu then click "Create a Webpage"

johnpike, I'd suggest making sure you extracted correctly.  You should have the whole folder "simpleveiwer_picasa_template" in your Picasa2webtemplates directory.  (Don't just extract the files without the folder).