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I have to say that TiltViewer and TiltViewer-Pro are great add-ons to ones website. Great job!!

My question is - is it possible to add an Exit button, one that would go back to a previous page before TiltViewer loaded.

The only way that I can go back to a page before TiltViewer loaded is to use the "Go back one page" button in my web browser.

Re: no Exit button

I too would like to see something like this. I don't have access to flash to be able to edit the flash files. I managed to add some html that put a "Clcik here to go back" link above the flash file, but this made the flash off center and it looked "wrong"

Any chance of coding an option so that we can make use of that image thing you have in the lower right corner of the free tiltviewer? Something that allows you to set a domain, and the visible text? That'd be perfect!

(And thanks for this great tool, it seriously rocks!)

Re: no Exit button

You can add a back button to TiltViewer-Pro in 2 ways:
1) Edit the embedding HTML page to add a button above the SWF
2) Load the TiltViewer SWF into a shell SWF and put your back button in the shell swf. See the 'flash_embed' example in the TiltViewer-pro download.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: no Exit button

I'd go with option 1. I added an entire menu to my site and it works great!