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Hoping a good samaritan can help me with this issue...

I've got simpleviewer 1.8 loading as an external swf into a container swf via an empty movie clip. My client is viewing the site through IE7, and is telling me that when he navigates out of the gallery (unload movie), the entire container swf shrinks in size.

I'm speculating that the container file is reloading into the empty movie clip I created for the gallery to load into (is this possible?). It was also shifting to the left, until I got rid of a little piece of code in the FLA file for the viewer, and then re-exported it.

I'm new to the forum, so the spam filter isn't letting me paste a regular link into this message. I hope this is enough to go on.

Thanks so much for any advice you can offer.

Re: my container swf resizing

I am having almost the exact same issue. But to reiterate:

  I have a main FLA which has two containers... one for the body of the webpage and one for the navigation. Each container movie loads an unloads each page. So for example you click on About and it moves to a different part of the main timeline which loads the appropriate movie "about_mc" into the body container. I have the site live and it works fine statically sized with the simpleviewer portion on the "Photos" page statically sized. However we really want to have the entire Flash site load full screen. To try and get it to work I made a new Flash document with a movie container which contains the entier site within itself and publish it to match screen. All is well except for the Photos page. Simpleviewer makes the site small again and into the top left corner. If I change the settings to allow simplevier to scale it does not scale toe the container but rather the whole screen which is no good.

Any thoughts?

SimpleVier Pro v1.9
Flash CS4 AS2

Live version of the site not resizing which works

Currently the only way I can achieve minimal results is to make two totally different sized exact copies of the website which is not an option considering how many updates it will be receiving. Please any help would be great!

Re: my container swf resizing

Sorry, I didn't realize this post was in the SV standard version forum. I just did a search and found it.. which is amazing because I could not find anything else similar!