Topic: Flash download message in IE

Hi Felix and everyone!

Thanks for the simpleviewer, it's just exactly what I was looking for.

I have a problem however, with the message for downloading flash in IE. I'm new to SV but I've been able to problem solve most things via this forum except this one. I'm really at wits end here. I plan on using simpleviewer for at least 3 sites but won't be able to if I can't get it to work on this first one. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

The stats: latest version of flash in both firefox and IE.
The page content: I hosted a page on local Los Angeles tv personalities from the past since 1996. This page is on Horror host legend Vampira who just died recently. I'm updating the page and entire site.
The page address: I can't post it but in the clever way that others before me have done===
  dotlatvlegendsdotcom slash Vampira slash simpleviewer slash indexdot html

What am I missing besides a rested brain? ;)



Re: Flash download message in IE

seems to be working now.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.