Topic: CPU usage and more

I am integrating TiltViewer Pro in a new website (for famous trance group Infected Mushroom's new website), and have two main problems:

1. The flash movie requires too much resources from the computer. It gets to a stage where I the browser's window is almost completely stuck. I don't know why and how I can improve that.

2. I know that full screen doesn't support keyboard navigation, and wanted to know if that is something that can be solved and maybe is planned for next version.

Thanks in advance,
Eytan Chen
Tyco Interactive ltd.

Re: CPU usage and more


I've added a new example fla to the Pro download that demonstrates switching between 2 TiltViewer galleries with different options. Please re-download your pro zip to get this update. … /docs.html

This should fix the CPU hogging when switching between galleries.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: CPU usage and more

I agree with eytanchen above, the viewer seems to continue using more and more CPU, I hear my PC whirring more and more, until the Browsers stop. On some occasions they crash completely (and once the whole PC died). This is on a new fast PC.

This has nothing to do with the multiple galleries (nor did Eytanchen mention multiple galleries btw).

Is there something that can be done to reduce the CPU load this program demands?