Topic: Problem with embed and flickr.

When I embed the parameters in Flash, it does connect to flickr, but it does not get the photo's

    //Set example options here
    options.columns = 3;
    options.rows = 2;    
    options.useReloadButton = false;
    options.bkgndTransparent = true;
    options.useFlickr = true;
    options.user_id = '24684286@N07';
    options.tag_mode = 'all';
    options.showTakenByText = false;
    options.showLinkButton = false;
    //options.xmlURL = "gallery.xml";
    options.maxJPGSize = 640;
    options.bkgndTransparent = true;    

What am I doing wrong?

Another question: How can I reduce the tilt levels?
If no variable, is there a hack to counter the effect?

Re: Problem with embed and flickr.

Check the FAQ, Q2: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Problem with embed and flickr.

The code was correct, I had put the visibility on false  :oops:

The question you didn't answer was :
Is there a variable for disabling tilt or reducing the levels of it?

Re: Problem with embed and flickr.

BTW, I bought the pro.
Can I upgrade to buy the source code, so I can change the tilt levels myself if not possible.