Topic: not working in firefox?

hi felix,

great app and i have added it to my site very nicely!

everything works fine in safari and IE, but not in firefox :(

any suggestions why this may be?

my site can be found by googling:


first result is my site (photography by bjwok)

cheers mate :)

Re: not working in firefox?

works here. try clearing your cache

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: not working in firefox?

thanks for the speedy reply champ, i'm at work right now but will try it when i get home! thanks mate!

Re: not working in firefox?

all good felix, cleared the cache and it is working fine now!

cheers man :)

Re: not working in firefox?

I'm having the same problem with Firefox. Works fine on IE, but even after clearing the cache, on FF it loads tiltviewer, the blank images fall and nothing else happens. The right and left arrows appear, but no images.

Re: not working in firefox?

if the cache is cleared, the next step i would say is to verify that all the <photo> tags in gallery.xml are wrapped correctly - i had a similar problem where only the first two or three images would work and it was due to poor markup...

send me a link and i'll check it for you :)