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Hello everybody,

I've bought last week SimpleViewer-pro and i'm now building my photos galleries. Everything's working fine except that i wanted to customize my title and caption texts and i could't.
I downloaded SimpleviewerAdmin, which also works fine, but i can't set up the font size and color with it.
For example, if i want my title to have a bold and orange Arial Font, how do i proceed? And if i want that in the same gallery, the font of the caption text appears differently then the title and be white, smaller and not bold?
Otherwise, i also want to know how do i have to do to have a caption text longer than one sentence.
An example is better than long speech, so if i may resume what i'm looking for, you can find the answer with the utilisation of simpleviewer in the site "jkmribbon-product".

Thank U for your responses and help!

Re: Captions and Title customization


to use HTML formatting with the title and caption text check the FAQ, Q14 and 15.

To change caption and title colors you can use the 'captionTextColor' and 'titleTextColor' ActionScript Options.

To change the font, check section 2.3 here: … #customize

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Captions and Title customization

Thank you very much for your great help,
It works very fine!