Topic: Change thumbnail rollover effect -- how?

There is a nice SVP based gallery at the website for food photographer Amy Kalyn Sims -- I'm not yet allowed to post the link directly, so just know it's her name without spaces, plus dot com. Gallery #3.

The thumbnails in her gallery have a sort of "flash" effect on rollover.

How can I change the thumbnail rollover effect to something like this?

I have already played with the file and, hoping for a simple solution, changed the frame width/height on rollover to match the size of my thumbnails -- but this didn't look pleasing and had an unwanted rollout effect.

I've been looking over the file, but cannot yet sort out what I need to change or how.

Is it something in the action script, or something to do with the flash file -- or a combination?

Thanks for any help you can provide...

- jim

Re: Change thumbnail rollover effect -- how?

I'm replying to see if any of the 38 of you who've viewed this thread have any ideas? Felix?

I'm also trying to break that 5 post thread count, so I can have the privilege of adding links.