Topic: Two questions: caption letter spacing; custom thumb rollover

I posted these in the general SVPro forum, but perhaps this is a better place to have them answered? 40 views and no luck for one of them...

1) How do I change letter spacing for the caption? It is not at all affected by the letter spacing attribute of the "Caption" library object in the FLA file. I'm working with Flash 8 Professional. I've searched the forum for this and cannot find a good answer. Here's as close as I've gotten:

airtightinteractive  DOT  com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4416

I can't get that to work.

2) Here is a nice SVP gallery with an interesting thumb rollover effect:

amykalynsims  DOT  com/photography/?album=3_Food_

How is this custom *flash* effect on rollover achieved?


- jim