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Does anyone know a good piece of software that lets you resize several images at once?
Also, in the gallery.xml I have set enableRightClickOpen="false", is there any other way people can get to the original images (unless of course they know the folder name), not sure if this is enough for security as I do not like watermarks. Thank you very much for your help.

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As standard i use either Photoshop, can set up an action if you have a lot of images so you don't have to do individually.

Also use my cataloguing software if don't need to save for web, this is IviewMedia 3 but imagine lots more out there as well. Most photo software packs have a batch option.

As far as i know if your images are in flash they can't be copied so quite secure if you have turned the right click feature off but not that up on flash to kow if you can get round this.

Hope that helps a bit.

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Hi Susan, I use a little program called Image Resizer from iRedsoft - it's great for what you want.