Topic: multiple galleries CODING KNIGHTMARE!

hi felix or indeed anyone else who can help
i have downloaded simple viewer and i am trying to incorporate it into my web site but on a few different pages. This has been proving more tricky than getting blood out of a stone!. i have managed to insert the gallery in on one page, but when i run the simple viewer program through photoshop and try and get it into the second page, all it does is show the first gallery! i have tried to change the code for all the files so that its different form the first one, but i really am at a loss. could somebody please be able to explain to me how i can have 2 or maybe three galleries incorporated into my website, how do i file them in my main root folder? and is there any particular coding rules that i should adhere to when i am doing this...
i hope i have worded this ok, i am quite new to all this!!
waiting eagerly...

Re: multiple galleries CODING KNIGHTMARE!

Please check the FAQ, Q16: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.