Topic: multiple galleries + FF00FF


I'm working on a flash embedded multiple galleries site. I started by using the example that came with the download (v1.8.5).

I'm having a problem with changing the image fame color for the second gallery which continues to be #FF00FF.

I've changed the image frame color in the gallery2.xml (to be #FFFFFF) as well as in the and files.

Even after these chages (and republishing the flash files) the frame color for the second gallery remains to be FF00FF.

Any advice as to what I've missed or am doing wrong?

- thanks for v1.8.5!!

Re: multiple galleries + FF00FF

The frame color is being set in the shell FLA. Check the actionscript.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: multiple galleries + FF00FF

Thats great - thank you!!