Topic: no images... 2 times i see 'X'

I  downloaded the files. did  everything i had to the way it is supposed to go...

no images, 2  times the X. when i press index.html

why ??????

p.s. i can usde the files also as the main site, when i don't integrate it in a bigger site, right?

please help me i am desperate

Re: no images... 2 times i see 'X'

So first thing do you have your gallery stored like this:

Second do all your image and thumbnail files have exactly the same name with lowercase .jpg extension?

Have you checked the gallery.xml and made sure the image names are corrrect?

Have you tried to run the gallery from your c: drive before copying it to your web server?

Yes simpleviewer can be the main site, you don't have to integrate it into anything if you don't want to.


Re: no images... 2 times i see 'X'


I downloaded the files again. Didn't do anything to change it.

Now I have images.

The only thing: the thumnails have a little black triangle in the right upper corner. How to remove this?

Plus the text comes under the thumnails, how can I get them under the big picture?

Re: no images... 2 times i see 'X'

I'm guessing your frame color is black, therefore the little traingle in the corners are standard and indicate the thumbnial has been viewed. The triangle will match your frame color.

I don't think you can position the caption, it's always under the thumbs. Maybe with the pro version you can move it?!