Topic: the F.A.Q.'s aren't pics + title help!

I am using the file manager in my web hosting account along with the uploaded script in the buildgallery.php file.

I uploaded 7 or 8 photos initially, then uploaded the php file, and they all went into the view just fine.  I just added a bunch more photos in the exact same way, bringing the total to 33.  I went to the php file through my browser and it says all the thumbnails were created successfully.  I emptied my browser cache and opened the simple viewer again, but all i keep getting are the same 7 or 8 photos that I started with.

The other problem I'm having is when I pull up my gallery, it says "Simple Viewer Title" at the top, even though I've changed that part of the php script.  I can't get it to say what I want it to.